If your child frequently complains of symptoms like a stuffy nose, or frequent sneezing, allergies may be to blame. Over time, these problems can make it difficult for your child to perform well in class, or reach their full potential. In these cases, allergy therapy may produce a marked difference in the way your child feels, and behaves.

Proper hydration is an excellent way to handle issues with your bronchial system, and the allergies associated with it. If you do not stay hydrated, the bronchial mucosa will become inflamed and dry. Mucosal glands will produce difficult-to-break-up secretions when hydration isn’t sufficient, affecting your bronchial tubes. If you have allergies, try to eliminate the trigger that bothers you most. If dust causes problems for you, eliminate as much dust and debris as you can by cleaning often. If pets cause you the most trouble, consider finding new homes for them, or at least be sure that they are bathed regularly. Dust and vacuum regularly too in order to control pet dander. If you have allergies and a pet, it may be difficult to determine whether or not your pet is causing you allergy problems. In order to find out, have a doctor test you for an allergy to pet dander. If so, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot have pets; however, it may be necessary to implement changes or take added precautions against allergens.

If you are prone to allergic reactions, be aware that alcohol can really add to sinus problems! Even for people without allergies, alcohol cause sinuses to become enlarged and stuffed up, so if you do have allergies, drinking will exaggerate and perpetuate symptoms to an even less bearable degree!

Add more probiotics to your diet. This can be achieved by increasing consumption of foods like kefir, yogurt and even dark chocolate. Experts often say that probiotics help to increase the body’s defense against allergens. Probiotics are natural and healthy. Avoid opening your windows during peak pollen hours. Everyone wants to have the fresh Spring breeze air out their home, but the air has more pollen at certain times of day. This time is typically from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. Air your home out before or after these hours.

Get yourself a skin test from a doctor, and see what you are allergic to. Skin tests help you determine which allergens trigger the allergic response, whether it be dogs or pollen. If you are aware of the things that cause your allergies, then you could change your lifestyle and move on with your life. If you have itchy or dry eyes from your allergies, don’t rub them using your hands. As an alternative, you can use antihistamine eye drops. If you keep rubbing your eyes, follicles along the lash line can become irritated and result in allergic styes.

Go to an allergist to have a skin test done so that you’ll know exactly which allergens you should avoid. A skin test lets you know the things you are allergic to, like pollen or animal dander. If you know what causes allergic reactions, you can change your lifestyle to avoid those things moving forward.

If you are troubled by different allergies in your home, try putting a dehumidifier or two in the common areas of your living space. Reducing the humidity by at least half can really cut down on potential mold growth, and mold is known to be a big contributor to allergies.

Vacuum as often as you can to relieve indoor allergens. A vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can be especially helpful for allergy sufferers. Such filters work to collect pollen, mold, dust mites and other airborne irritants while you vacuum the rugs.

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